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<Hearty Eyes by Christy X >🌸Blooming collection🌸 

今次企劃嘅萌生,來自於Christy開始嘗試設計,而過程中佢最想傳達嘅訊息係Plant Kindness🌱而當日種下嘅Kindness Seeds準備萌芽,盛放成Bloomies🌸同開始創立 嘅理念好相似,所以用了短短幾多月時間就能夠完成今次嘅合作產品!

今次每售出一件Blooming Collection嘅產品,我哋將會不扣除任何成本,捐出5%營業額去毛守救援,拯救同愛錫更多小動物🐾 而每售出一條Blooming Pet Collar, 我哋更會捐出額外5%。

Get 1 spoil 2. Shall we spoil more?



- Handmade polyurethane die-cut flower

- Glass beads / Plastic beads

- Metallic buckle

- Each die-cut flowers has their own unique shape

- 42cm long

- Total weight: 18g


We craft the flower shape with polyurethane using our die-cut techniques.

Then we combined different colours, sizes and shapes of flower into one full bloom flower; one by one, we used these flowers to decorate our clutch bags and earrings.



<Hearty Eyes by Christy> X blooming beaded 3 ways necklace

HK$520.00 Regular Price
HK$416.00Sale Price
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